FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Online Store


How is the online purchase procedure?

Select your favorite items and size, add it to your order and follow the instructions to proceed to payment. Make sure that the selected size and color is correct, as well as the delivery address and contact telephone number.

Can I remove an item from my order?

Yes, as long as you have not made the purchase, on the right side of the basket you will see an icon of a trash can, by clicking on it you can delete the product.

I have made a mistake when adding the size of a product or I have put the wrong delivery address, how can I change this information?

Send an email as soon as possible to info@eltocadorvintage.com with the subject “MODIFY ORDER PLACED” FOLLOWED BY ORDER NUMBER. Tell us clearly and unequivocally what is the modification to be made. If you do not inform us soon enough, it is possible that the order has already been processed.


Can I make my purchase from any destination?

Currently you can make your purchase from Spain (Except Ceuta and Melilla) or any country that supports the courier service.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to anywhere in the world as long as it supports courier service.

How can I be sure that my purchase has been made correctly?

When you place your order, we will send you an email with the confirmation of your purchase, you can also check it by logging into your account, and selecting the option, details of my orders, if it is correct it should appear in that section. However if you do not receive it look in your spam folder or contact our customer service department. We will resolve any questions at info@eltocadorvintage.com

Can I know the status of my order?

Yes, we will send you an email with the different states of your order, however, in your account, you can check it

What happens if it is impossible to receive my package?

Write down in observations for the courier any useful information for the couriers, if possible indications about delivery times. If it is impossible for us to deliver your order, it will be returned to our warehouse. If you will not be at the place of delivery at the agreed time, please contact the courier to arrange delivery at another time.


Do you make exchanges?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, size or model, you can request an exchange or refund within 14 calendar days of receipt of your order.

Can I exchange or return a dress purchased online in the physical store?

No, our warehouse and stock of the online store has nothing to do with the stock we may have in the physical store, they are two different services, so you can not exchange or return any dress purchased online in our physical store.

What should I do if I receive a defective or incorrect item?

In El Tocador Vintage we work to ensure that all items we sell and ship are in the best possible condition, therefore, all garments will be reviewed before shipment. (All rhinestone dresses are handmade and always tend to fall some stones to remove it or try it, that’s totally normal in all rhinestone garments and is not considered tare *except exceptions”). If, exceptionally, you have received a garment with any damage, please contact us through our e-mail info@eltocadorvintage.com and attach a photo of the damage to the garment. Please note that after 48 hours from the receipt of the package no claim will be accepted for any defect or damage, and the item may be rejected for return.

What kind of return or exchange do you do?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, size or model, you can request an exchange or refund within 14 calendar days after receiving the order.

We do not accept returns or exchanges if you remove the garment’s security label or its original label (including defects).

In case of withdrawal of your purchase send an email to info@eltocadorvintage.com indicating in the subject “WITHDRAWAL” followed by your order number. Please note that you have 14 calendar days to make this management and give exit to your garment.

How to exchange an article?

To do this, you must enter our website and download the return or exchange form. Fill in your form and send it to the e-mail address info@eltocadorvintage.com indicating in the subject “PRODUCT RETURN” or “PRODUCT EXCHANGE” followed by the “ORDER NUMBER”.

Within a maximum of 24/48 hours after your return request, we will respond to validate the form, and give the ok to your shipment. While we answer you, print the return or exchange form and put it in the box with the dress perfectly packed and protected, in its original packaging.

Once we validate the return or exchange, you must send us the package (always within 14 calendar days).

Once the package arrives and we check that it is in perfect condition, with its seals and labels, we will send you the online voucher, or send you new products, within a maximum of another 14 calendar days from receipt of the product.

How to send back my dress?

To make the return or exchange, the returned garment must be in perfect condition and with both its security label and product label on and intact.

You have to send the garment in its original packaging and wrapped so that it does not suffer any damage during the process of return to the store.

Do not forget to include in the package the return or exchange form (which you can download from our website).

You can choose the carrier of your choice for the shipment (make sure you have the tracking number to guarantee the arrival of the package). Make sure that the package leaves before the 14 calendar days for its return. The store is not responsible for the shipping cost of exchanges or returns.

What is the online return form for?

The form is a necessary form to make any exchange or return of a product. This form must be filled out with your data and inserted in the package along with the dress. CONTACT WITH US

Online Voucher

How can I use an Online Voucher at eltocadorvintage.com?

At the time of payment of your purchase, there is a section where it says “discount coupon” you have to enter the voucher code and click add, at that moment will be applied to your purchase.

What happens if I lose my online voucher?

The online voucher is a personal code that will be sent to you via email and you will only be able to redeem it for online purchases.

For what reason can my online voucher be rejected?

Your online voucher may be rejected for one of the following reasons:

  • No credit on the voucher.
  • Failure to enter the correct number, check it, and if it still gives error, please contact us.
  • Expiration of the voucher (it has one year from the day you received it).

Physical Store

Are the physical store and the online store the same?

No, they are totally independent.

What is El Tocador Vintage physical store? What products can I find there?

El Tocador Vintage is a physical store that you will find in the heart of Madrid. It is a store dedicated to brides and guests. Our public is young and looking to break away from the typical to find their own comfort and identity. You can find all year, a beautiful and modern selection of party dresses, handbags, shoes and earrings (all matching and in a variety of colors to create the perfect combination). Every year at the beginning of October we release our awaited season of wedding dresses, you will be able to see and try on our exclusive collection of Extraordinary wedding dresses. On the other hand, our special selection of unique dresses, our outlet section, our selection of second hand wedding dresses (signature) and finally the civil bridal collection. This section of wedding dresses is only sold and displayed from October to the end of February each year.

You have all the information developed in each section of our website.

Do you sell wedding dresses all year round?

No, we only have wedding dresses from October to February, the rest of the year we are dedicated to the party collections for guests. We will have a small collection for civil brides all year round, more simple and versatile, which can be seen and tried on in the store. For this, if we are out of season but you want to see these dresses, ask for an appointment for party dresses and in comments tell us that you are interested in the civil bride collection.

What is Extraordinary?

Extraordinary, is our own brand of wedding dresses. Our designer Aida Gomez designs every year our beautiful couture collection. A collection entirely designed by her with her selection of high quality fabrics and all of them sewn entirely in Spain by traditional dressmakers and without large workshops in between. The entire collection is made by hand and traditionally by reliable dressmakers. We are a small team, but with a lot of effort, dedication and heart in everything we do. The collection goes on sale every year approximately at the beginning of October until the end of February. During the first months we try on the samples in the store and take the orders, which will be made to measure and the option of small modifications will be provided (as long as the garment allows it).

Do you make wedding or party dresses to measure?

Yes, we do make custom wedding dresses, but only from our own collection of Extraordinary wedding dresses. The rest of our bridal and party collections are already made multi-brand dresses that we select so as not to lose the identity and style of the store in any case.

Do you have all the dresses from the online store in the physical store?

The stock for the physical store and the online store is independent. Many of the models will coincide, but on the other hand you can find many models exclusively for sale online, just as in the physical store you can find some items before they are available online.

Do I have to make an appointment if I only want to see the dresses and not try them on?

The store has two sections, party dresses and wedding dresses, in the case of party dresses, you can see and touch them during our business hours without any problem. However, wedding dresses are such delicate garments, that in order to preserve their condition for sale, they are only shown by our consultants and only by appointment.

Is it necessary to make an appointment to try on the wedding or party dresses?

Yes, it is essential to make an appointment to try on the dresses. Our way of working in our physical store is totally personalized, we like to help you at all times. We know that it is a moment full of illusion for both brides and guests and everyone wants to find their ideal dress with which you feel amazing. This process without help may not be so comfortable or enjoyable, you may feel desperate not knowing how to put on the garment, frustrated when trying one after another models that do not fit you. We want you to feel supported at all times with the help of our consultants who know the garments and body shapes to be able to offer you the best options for you, always taking into account your preferences.

What if I come to the store without an appointment and I want to try on a dress?

If you come to the store without an appointment and would like to try on a dress, we will be happy to assist you as long as one of our consultants is free at that time.

Do I have to make an appointment to buy accessories (headdresses, earrings, shoes...)?

No appointment is necessary as it requires less time than with a dress.

How can I make an appointment?

Appointments are taken through our website www.eltocadorvintage.com by clicking on REQUEST APPOINTMENT, you will get a calendar where you can choose the time you want, within the availability. To request it you only have to fill in your user profile, this will make it easier for you to change the time or day of your appointment or cancel it.

How long do appointments last?

They last 1 hour, you will have at your disposal one of our consultants to help you find your ideal dress.

Can I go to my appointment with someone else?

We allow a maximum of 3 companions.

* It is possible that these rules may change for security reasons.

Why do I have to go without make-up to try on the dresses?

We ask that you come without makeup to preserve the dresses as well as possible, because if they are light colored or white (in the case of brides) they would stain immediately and everything we have in the store is for direct sale. Who wants to buy a dress stained with makeup?

Do you do alterations in the store?

We only make alterations for our brand of wedding dresses, for the rest we recommend you a workshop of full confidence, specialist in party and wedding dresses alterations.

Can the dresses be washed at home?

All our party dresses are labeled with cleaning recommendations, in most cases it is recommended to take them to a dry cleaner.

Are the party dresses second hand?

All our party dresses are NEW, we only have a small section of second hand dresses in our bridal campaign (October to February).

Is the store open on weekends and holidays?

We are open on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm (you can check the store opening hours), on Sundays and holidays the store will be closed.

Are you closed for vacations?

The physical store is usually closed for vacations in August.

Do you buy second hand dresses?

We do not buy, we only help to sell wedding dresses for a few months of the year. If you are interested in us evaluating the option of helping you sell your dress, please fill out the form that you will find on our website in the second hand wedding dresses tab.

I have filled out the form to help me sell my wedding dress and I haven't received a response, does this mean that it doesn't fit the style of the store?

In the last years the offer of wedding dresses by individuals has grown a lot, because of this we receive hundreds of forms asking us for help in selling them. Every year we review all of them and contact by e-mail or telephone only the owners of the models that fit our style and price. We are sorry for not being able to answer each of the forms because there are many and our style is very specific.

*You will find all the information in our second hand wedding dresses tab.

Is it possible that my dress fits the style but the price is too high and therefore it will not be selected?

Yes, this sometimes happens, so we can only negotiate dresses that fit the style and the price expectations are as realistic as possible for this type of market.

Are returns or exchanges allowed in the physical store?

As these are special items, they are tried on and chosen by appointment and with totally personalized attention. It is understood that once the customer has decided to buy a garment, with special features (such as party and wedding dresses or accessories for such events), trying it in person as many times as necessary before deciding, she has found that she likes its features and shapes and is convinced with the purchase. Therefore no exchanges or returns are allowed.

Other questions

How can I know the size of my dress?

They are standard measures, but you have the possibility to see the sizes in each article.

How can I know my shoe size?

If you want to know your size, measure your foot with a tape measure and you can find your size in this size chart.

Do you restock items marked "out of stock"?

If the item you want is out of stock send us an email info@eltocadorvintage.com indicating in the subject ‘PRODUCT AVAILABILITY”, indicating article, color and also the size you would like, if it returns to our stock you will receive an email notifying you of the restocking and you can proceed to purchase it online.

Is it possible to receive periodic information in my email with the latest news of El Tocador Vintage?

Yes, you can do it by registering in our Newsletter, by doing so you will receive all the news.

If the dress doesn't fit me, can it be fixed?

90% of the party dresses require some kind of alteration, narrowing the sides, straps and hem, as they usually come long so that everyone can adjust it to their height. Do not panic if you see that the dress does not fit you perfectly, for an optimal result it is necessary to retouch it to your body with a reliable dressmaker.

Do you have all the dresses from the online store in the physical store?

The stock for the physical store and the online store is independent. Many of the models will coincide, but on the other hand you can find many models sold exclusively online, just as in the physical store you can find some items before they are available online.

Can there be any product recall or order cancellation?

We reserve the right to withdraw any product from this website at any time and to remove or modify any material or content of this website. Although we will do our best to always process all orders, there may be exceptional circumstances that require us to refuse to process any order after we have sent the Order Confirmation and we reserve the right to do so at any time, at our sole discretion. We will not be liable to you or to any third party for the withdrawal of any product from this website or for the failure to ship your order and automatically refund you the value paid.

What happens if events beyond our control occur?

We shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performing any of our obligations under the contract that is caused by events beyond our reasonable control (‘Force Majeure Event’). A Force Majeure Event includes any act, event, non-occurrence, omission or accident beyond our reasonable control and includes in particular (without limitation) the following:

  • Strikes, lockouts or other industrial action.
  • Civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether war is declared or not) or threat of war or preparation for war.
  • Fire, explosion, storm, flood, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or any other natural disaster.
  • Impossibility of the use of railroads, ships, aircraft, motor transport or other means of public or private transport.
  • Impossibility of the use of public or private telecommunications networks.
    Laws, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of any government.

The obligations stipulated in the contract will be considered suspended during the period in which the force majeure continues, and the term to fulfill the obligation will be extended for an equivalent period.

We will exercise due diligence to ensure that the force majeure event does not continue or to find a solution that allows us to fulfill the obligations under the contract despite the force majeure event.