Second Laying

What can you find in this section?


Fashion, latest trends and sustainability, every year we make a careful selection of wedding dresses of a single laying to offer you models of the most top designers and brands of the last 6 years.

Dresses with vaporous fabrics, romantic vintage, modern and boho style.

As they are second-hand dresses, they are unique and there will only be one per model and size. They are very delicate garments and despite our care, may have some damage. All are clean from dry cleaning and in the best possible conditions.

Buying a second-hand dress has many advantages since you are helping to take care of our planet by giving a second use to a garment that is used for hours.


The dresses that we select are usually from fashion and haute couture firms so their original market prices are between 2000 and 4000 eur.
Here you can find them from 800 up to 1500 eur.


If your budget is tighter do not hesitate to inquire about our section civil bride where you will find new dresses and variety of models from 200 to 900 eur.

Are you thinking of putting your wedding dress for sale?

We don’t buy wedding dresses, but we can help you to sell it if it fits with our selection.
We are looking for very trendy wedding dresses in modern style (bohemian, casual, romantic vintage).
Only from collections between 2014 to date clean from dry cleaning and in perfect condition.
If you have a dress with these characteristics and you want us to value it, fill out our form:

Second Laying


You will find a totally personalized treatment and our team of consultants will help you find the perfect dress for your event, or for your big day.

To help you as you deserve, we always work by appointment, which you can choose quickly and easily here: